Jackhammer dead trigger 2

jackhammer dead trigger 2

The Jackhammer is a shotgun in Dead Trigger 2. The Jackhammer is one of the few weapons with constant accuracy when not aiming down the sights. It is the. プレイヤーレベル55・難易度ハード・Tech10後にゾンビが4回レベルアップ。 【The strength of the zombie】 Virus mutation. My Jackhammer Gameplay with Captioned Review. Jackhammer is really brutal.


Dead Trigger 2: Jackhammer Gameplay (Infinite Graphics HD) Very high ammo capacity,acceptable damage, large magazine capacity, high rate of fire for a shotgun, no accuracy loss when moving or shooting. WeaponsDead Trigger 2Dead Trigger 2 WeaponsShotguns. Tech level 4 blueprint reveal Gunsmith level 6 to build. This shotgun fares well against all the special zombies, especially the weaker ones, such as the Vomitron, and the Scienfist. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Contents [ show ]. jackhammer dead trigger 2