Change Your Life Through Numerology – Lucky Number 5

Those born under the influence number 5 and having name number 5 should take up any business on number 5, 14 and 23 or on those dates for which the total of date, month and year works out to be five. If the native does any important endeavour, business or related activity on these dates he will have success many times more than expected.
The influence of mercury on name number 5
But those under influence of number mercury should not marry on number 5 dates as they could experience family problems, hurdles in advancement and difference of opinion between the couple. All other activities like construction of houses, starting of new business, purchasing of vehicles etc could be done.
But those who are less influenced by number 5 will work for others. A few of them may involve in dishonorable professions especially women. They could become slaves to immorality and lust. If these persons keep their name according to numerology then they can also have better name, fame and success in life.
Those who are born under proper influence of mercury are great achievers in any field. They have the support of wealth and people together forever. They will accomplish what is impossible for others. They are treasure house of new ideas and often seen saying that their development is hindered by the lethargy of others. Check out more at simplybuzzes.
Lucky colours for name number five
Lucky colours for number five persons are gray, ash, gold, silver, blue of a clear day, white and glistening material. The person should avoid black, coffee brown and all dark colours. Green and any colour associated with green are also very unlucky to number 5 persons.

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